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Contact Quickbase Quickbase

6 hours ago Quickbase.com Show details

999 250-999Contact a sales representative Contact customer service. First Name. Last Name. Phone. Business Email. Company Name. Company Size. 10,000+ 1,000-9,999 250-999 100-249 0-99.

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Quickbase Support Quickbase

3 hours ago Quickbase.com Show details

Quickbase Help and Support. We set you up to succeed with Quickbase. Get Started with Quickbase. Explore how to use Quickbase to solve your business problem with this introduction to developing Quickbase apps. Learn more . Created with Sketch. Get Started with Quickbase.

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Getting help from Quickbase Customer Care Quickbase Help

3 hours ago Help.quickbase.com Show details

Getting help from Quickbase Customer Care. Our Quickbase Customer Care hours of operation are Monday - Friday 7:00 AM – 8:00 PM, US Eastern time. To submit a case: Click ? (Help) on the Global bar, then click Manage Support Cases.

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QuickBase Support Arkansas Department of Human Services

7 hours ago Humanservices.arkansas.gov Show details

501-320-6511Contact:- Nawania Williams. Contact-Email:- [email protected]gov. Contact-Phone:- 501-320-6511. Address:- Arkansas Department of Human ServicesAttn: Office of Procurement700 Main Street, Slot W345Little Rock, AR 72201. 710-20-0020_Quickbase_Questions_and_Answers.pdf.

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Customer Support Quickbase

5 hours ago Quickbase.com Show details

Customer Support helps you and customer service representatives track customer inquiries and ensure no request is dropped. quickbase logo Platform

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Customer Service Help Desk Quickbase

5 hours ago Quickbase.com Show details

Customer Service Help Desk. (4 Ratings) Manage customer calls and create support tickets to solve customer issues. Track average handle time, view all cases by status, and manage your support team to provide to highest service level possible. Use this application as a starting point to solve for end to end customer service workflow and

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Customer Service Quickbase

8 hours ago Quickbase.com Show details

You can even use Quickbase as tech support database software – adapt Quickbase to match your unique workflows. Customer database software like this contributes to a more effective team, enabling reps to spend less time on administrative tasks and more time solving problems for customers.

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Browser Requirements Quickbase Help

8 hours ago Help.quickbase.com Show details

While we don't test Quickbase on all browsers, we do expect that it works properly with other browsers that support HTML5, but are not on our list. As a general rule, the more recent versions of browsers have better support for the technologies used in today's web applications.

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Is there a formula for counting the number of Quickbase

4 hours ago Community.quickbase.com Show details

You can't do this with QuickBase formulas because there is no looping or counting construct. var Number linei = ToNumber(Trim(Part([Reports], 1,"\n"))<>""); We have a multi-line text field where we list the names of users that we help with support ticket and would like to get a count of those for reporting purpose. _

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Backing up and restoring Quickbase data Quickbase Help

2 hours ago Help.quickbase.com Show details

Backing up and restoring Quickbase data. Backups are part of our overall philosophy of high availability (HA) and ease of disaster recovery (DR). All apps in all accounts are backed up daily. The type of plan or pack chosen by the billing account administrator affects whether apps from that account can be restored.

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Auto number ing Quick Base Quickbase Community

3 hours ago Community.quickbase.com Show details

Note: This allows us to use the formula in step 7 and will automatically start any new projects at 0. Step 3: On the Projects>Tasks relationship create the lookup field Default Task # on the child (Tasks) table from parent (Projects). Step 4: On the Tasks table create a numeric

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1 hours ago Humanservices.arkansas.gov Show details

710-20-0020 Quickbase Support: Written Questions and Answers; Question ID RFP Reference (page number, section number, paragraph) Specific IFB Language Question Answer. Example Page 20, Desk Reviews. Desk Review. Where are the Desk Review Specifications? 1. Bid Solicitation Document (Page 3, 1.7,

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7 hours ago Umassmed.edu Show details

QuickBase is a Web-based software that can be used for managing projects, sales contacts, customer reports, inventory and more. With this easy to use platform, applications are easy to build and do not require IT assistance.

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Just Now Service.quickbase.com Show details

The Quickbase team will be performing planned maintenance on api.quickbase.com (our RESTful API endpoint). Customers may see brief connection failures to api.quickbase.com during the maintenance. This maintenance window will be: Tuesday August 17, 2021 8:00 PM to August 17, 2021 9:00 PM Eastern US Time. This incident is closed.

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How to Contact Quicken Support

5 hours ago Quicken.com Show details

650-250-1900The Quicken Support phone number is 650-250-1900. Phone support is available from 5:00am PT to 5:00pm PT, Monday through Friday. To see current wait times, click here.

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QuickBooks Error Support (+18603275442) Number

5 hours ago Reddit.com Show details

QUICKBOOKS Premier Technical Support Phone+1 [860-$-327_5442) Number QUICKBOOKS Tech Support phone Number u/2020-2051 @ USA/Canada/UK The purpose of this thread is to find those old games from the past whose title you just can't remember, …

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Quick Base Juiced Technologies, Inc. United States

7 hours ago Juicedtech.com Show details

Let us Help You Get The Most Benefit From Your Quickbase Applications. #1 Gold Partner in the Quickbase Solution Providers network. Juiced Technologies has over 30 years of experience in the Information Technology field. We can help you to ensure your growing business has what it takes to succeed in todays fast moving technology driven world.

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Does QuickBase support Unicode or other multibyte

3 hours ago Community.quickbase.com Show details

Does QuickBase support Unicode or other multi-byte character encodings like Big5, GB, HZ, Shift-JIS, JIS? The "Length" function returns the length of a text string in the number of bytes, not the number of characters. So in some cases a three character Unicode string will return a length of six.

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Quick Base Developers GitHub Pages

3 hours ago Tflanagan.github.io Show details

Introduction. This site is dedicated to fellow Quick Base enthusiasts and developers, providing information and help on how to navigate Quick Base's API.

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QuickBooks Pos Support (+18603275442) Number _Customer

3 hours ago Reddit.com Show details

860-327-5442QuickBooks Pos Support Number (+1-860-327-5442)_Customer Care_. QuickBooks Pos Support Number (+1-860-327-5442)_Customer Care_. QuickBooks Pos Support Number (+1-860-327-5442)_Customer Care_. QUICKBOOKS Premier Technical Support Phone+1[860-$-327_5442) Number QUICKBOOKS Tech Support phone Number u/2020-2051 @ USA/Canada/UK Premier Technical Support

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Intuit®: Support and Blogs for Intuit’s Products & Services

1 hours ago Intuit.com Show details

Support links for TurboTax, QuickBooks, Mint, and Intuit accounting products. You can get assistance by leaving a message with our TurboTax or QuickBooks support team. You can also chat with our Mint support team. If you're having account issues, try recovering your Intuit account information by visiting the Intuit account recovery page.

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QuNect ODBC for Quick Base

9 hours ago Qunect.com Show details

Full support for user-list fields containing the maximum of 20 users with email addresses of up to 256 characters. Now supports Quick Base text fields up to 1,048,576 characters in length. Previously truncated text fields at 65,535 characters. QuNect ODBC for QuickBase® is the world's first ODBC driver for Quick Base®.

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Quickbase Developer MCF Technology Solutions

7 hours ago Mcftech.com Show details

Meet Your New Favorite Quickbase Team Howdy, partner. Say hello to the #1 Quickbase support system for all your sophisticated requirements. Want to expand to new departments or groups? Looking to integrate with SaaS or internal systems? Concerned about governance or compliance? We’ve got you.

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Quick Base Information Systems & Technology

9 hours ago Ist.mit.edu Show details

Quick Base offers support for all modern browsers. MIT has a centralized license for a limited number of Quick Base applications. If your Department, Lab, or Center (DLC) is interested in building a Quick Base application, contact quickbase-support@mit.edu .

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Quick Base Integrations Connect Your Apps with Zapier

6 hours ago Zapier.com Show details

Step 1: Catch Hook. Then do this. Step 2: Create Record. See Zap details Try it. Add QuickBase rows for caught webhook data. by Zapier. premium. Premium apps: Webhooks by Zapier, Quick Base. Add QuickBase rows for caught webhook data.

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QuickBase Inc Company Profile and News Bloomberg Markets

3 hours ago Bloomberg.com Show details

Company profile page for QuickBase Inc including stock price, company news, press releases, executives, board members, and contact information

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What is Quick Base? A lowcode database platform for

1 hours ago Computerworld.com Show details

Quick Base (at first called QuickBase, with no space) began as a startup in 1999 and was acquired by Intuit later that year. In 2016, it was sold to a private equity firm, and it has operated as

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Microsoft Access vs Quickbase TrustRadius

5 hours ago Trustradius.com Show details

The help and documentation are top notch and available 24/7. The community also provides an additional layer of assistance and creativity in problem solving. For bugs and support the QuickBase team themselves are second to none. Immediate response with a case number and personalized support.

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Quickbase Pricing 2021

5 hours ago Trustradius.com Show details

multiple pricing configurations altogether. With Quickbase, and over 2 days, we were able to expand that pricing of the product, from a flat pricing model … 2018, we had a product that was designed to be priced by package, and as we were discussing our 2018 pricing, we realized that this particular product needed … it certainly would make everything more streamlined and self-contained…

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Q2QConnect Quickbase to QuickBooks Integration by VARC

4 hours ago Varcsolutions.com Show details

VARC Solutions has developed the only Quickbase to QuickBooks Integration tool that easily syncs customers, items, estimates, invoices, bills, and more between Quickbase and QuickBooks!. Q2QConnect connects Quickbase to QuickBooks Desktop (Pro, Premier or Enterprise) providing end-to-end workflow management without the hassle of double work or costly mistakes when copying data.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use quickbase as a customer support database?

Optimize your customer service management process by allowing customers to open and track service requests and reps the opportunity to update customer information. You can even use Quickbase as tech support database software – adapt Quickbase to match your unique workflows.

How can i find out who my users are on quickbase?

The Users page displays a list of all users and includes the following information: Last access: most recent date that the user signed in to Quickbase. Additionally, users see a message when they sign in to Quickbase, showing the date and time of the previous sign-in. A user who has been invited to one or more apps in your account.

Who is the ceo of quick base software?

“For our customers, particularly in middle-market and larger enterprises, the need they have for software is far outstripping the supply of IT and developer resources available,” says Jay Jamison, Quick Base senior vice president of strategy and product management. Quick Base is a low-code database and application development platform.

What do you need to know about quick base?

Quick Base is a 3rd party database application tool that is externally hosted by Quick Base. We (UMMS) provide System Administration, Account Management and some limited support services or guidance for technical support. Contact the UMMS Account System Administrator for additional information.

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